Research is being conducted to obtain feedback about the Money Smart Week South Africa (MSWSA) platform, to obtain information about the efficiency of the digital channels as a method to share financial literacy information, as well as the useful nature of the information received via these digital channels.

The information given will be kept confidential and used only for the purposes of this specific study. The type of questions include the social media platforms you may use, where you are from, your level of education and what kind of financial information you might like to learn more about.

Completing this questionnaire should take approximately 5 minutes and you may withdraw at any stage you like. Please click here to complete this survey to help us to improve the way we communicate and to help more South Africans to become more financially literate.

Look out for further details as we motivate and empower South Africans to become more educated about their finances. Please go to our website for more details.

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