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Non-life (Short-term) insurance: Managing your insurance during lockdown.

The government has recently eased restrictions and moved the country to level 1. This means that more businesses have re-opened and have started operating. There …

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Low Interest Rates-Taking advantage of lower interest rates

The economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have financially constrained many consumers. To stimulate much needed economic growth and help already cash-strapped consumers, the South …

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Surrender of Goods, Repossession and Bank Assisted Sales: What does it all mean?

The impact of COVID-19, and the ensuing financial crisis, will have a lasting impact on society and business as a whole. Those who are unable …

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Cancellation of long-term investment options

Understanding Endowment Policies Although endowment policies are loosely referred to as investments, endowments are actually life assurance policies where you invest your money for a …

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Leaving behind a legacy of financial peace.

Where there is a Will there is a way, where there is no Will there is a relative. During this global pandemic, you may have …

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The launch of Money Smart News

The National Consumer Financial Education Committee (NCFEC) has launched a monthly newsletter – Money Smart News, aimed at providing important information to help South Africans …

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Retirement savings and Covid-19

The current pandemic has temporarily disrupted some employers and employees’ ability to contribute towards retirement savings funds due to financial distress. The Financial Services Conduct …

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“Coronamania” and scams

Consumers need to be aware that there are cybercriminals that are exploiting the spread of Coronavirus for their own gain using “Coronamania” panic to spread …

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