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Retirement savings and Covid-19

The current pandemic has temporarily disrupted some employers and employees’ ability to contribute towards retirement savings funds due to financial distress. The Financial Services Conduct …

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“Coronamania” and scams

Consumers need to be aware that there are cybercriminals that are exploiting the spread of Coronavirus for their own gain using “Coronamania” panic to spread …

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Beware of get rich quick schemes!

According to the National Association of Stokvels of SA, Stokvels are defined as voluntary groups of natural persons bound by a common cause who pool …

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Getting Professional advice when saving and investing

In 2018, the voluntary savings level of South Africans, including working and non-working South Africans, was said to be as low as 3%*. Even for …

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Saving – How To Start

While the current situation is scary, it has reinforced the need to save for an emergency. It is important for us to know more about …

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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to surge around the world, many countries including South Africa, have decided to institute national lockdown measures in order to …

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The Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) has established relief funds and facilities to assist Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (SMMEs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. …

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The impact of the COVID-19 virus has increased the financial concerns of South Africans. This pandemic and the lockdown measures instituted by our government to …

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