MSWSA 2020 draws on the previous experience of stakeholders that have implemented financial education projects and programs throughout South Africa.

Financial literacy aims at helping South Africans make smarter financial decisions. The National Treasury, the new Financial Sector Conduct Authority and the National Consumer Financial Education Committee will host MoneySmartWeek, an education and awareness platform involving financial institutions, companies, schools and communities.

MSWSA participant benefits

Reach millions of South Africans through co-branding initiatives on ATL and digital media.

Get branding at MSWSA 2020 events.

Gain access to the target market for MSWSA 2020 through financial education activities.

Take videos and photographs of events and activities for use in future marketing and promotional activities.

Get a mention and  your company logo in the annual Foundation Donor Report.

Gain CPD points for financial donations.

What are the levels of participation?

There are two ways an organisation can participate in MSWSA 2020.


A donor is anyone who makes a financial contribution to MSWSA 2020 via the Financial Services Consumer Education Foundation (FSCEF) also known as “The Foundation”.


A contributor is anyone who makes a non-financial contribution to MSWSA 2020 such as the contribution of collateral, give-aways, educational material, panel expert representation, speakers, radio slots etc.

PR & Marketing Requirements

  • Social Media Profiles – Don’t forget to like & share to amplify reach and really push the MSWSA 2018 message out to the community.

  • We encourage all participants to create their own social media posts. Please use the hashtags when you do, this will allow us to easily find and share your posts.
  • HashTags


How can I participate?

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